Gil Smolinski—Angel Investor and Business Developer

Gil Smolinski Гиль Смолинский

Gil Smolinski is an angel investor and business developer who has several decades of experience in the tech industry. He is the co-founder and managing partner of NGN Partners, a business development company that monitors the tech market for high-end opportunities for investment and team building. Smolinski has said that he enjoys building mutual relationships with other entrepreneurs in which they share experience, knowledge, and ideas so that together they can achieve the highest levels of success possible.

About Gil Smolinski

Early Career 

Gil Smolinski began developing businesses around the globe in the early 1990s. In the late 90s, he shifted focus to a range of spheres in the Big IT sector including homeland security, intelligent traffic systems, medical tech, and real estate at a variety of locations internationally. Smolinksi’s partnership grew to become an intercontinental company that employed some 1,000 employees in complex, multifaceted projects around the world. 

Moving into the World of Startups

Around 2010, Smolinski made a successful investment in an Israeli startup. He has mentioned that he enjoyed the unique interaction with fascinating people and innovative technologies and that this was what ultimately led him to the startup sector. He and his partners have made more than 20 investments together, working with companies from initial ideation all the way through to market and beyond. They provide the teams with which they cooperate with access to their extensive network of knowledge, experience, and contacts to help them scale and succeed.

Remarkable Investments

Gil Smolinski has teamed with a wide range of startups to come up with creative solutions in a multitude of fields. Some of his most significant investments are:

  • Particula – A company that develops microsensor-powered smart toys and devices, such as GoCube, an innovative revamping of the classic puzzle cube.
  • Oriient – The first indoor GPS-like service that provides hyper-accurate indoor location awareness. 
  • Cellolo – Based in Israel and the Netherlands, Cellolo is a technology company that develops revolutionary embedded electronics.
  • Shoesonline – An Israeli digital shopping arena that offers clothing, shoes, accessories, and sportswear.
  • – A machine-learning ad-tech company that optimizes supply and demand paths.
  • Sensority – A company that provides multi-disciplinary video-analytics solutions that uses remote sensing and prediction of human behavior.

Latest News

On June 3, 2019, Particula, the company that designed the GoCube, announced that it had reached one of its most exciting milestones. The company said that it would be sending out the first shipment of over 10,000 boxes of the revamped puzzle cube the following day to a variety of countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, China, Spain, Portugal, France, Korea, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

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