Gilles Berdugo - Angel Investor Looking to Make a Difference

Gilles Berdugo - English/Moroccan Angel Investor

Gilles Berdugo is an angel investor and businessman with an interest in technology companies that have the potential to make a positive impact on the world. He has been active for over three decades, made numerous highly lucrative deals, headed two successful companies, and invested in two startups that resonate with his personal beliefs and professional principles. Berdugo is known for his sharp business acumen and for his deep understanding of people.

About Gilles Berdugo


Gilles Berdugo was born in France and raised in Morocco. His father, Serge Berdugo, is a lawyer and politician who is known as a leader in the local Jewish community. Berdugo attended New York University in the United States where he studied international business and science. Next he moved to Japan where he served in an internship at a banking corporation. Berdugo then moved back to Morocco and spent several years working in leadership roles in the construction industry.


Originally from Paris but raised in Morocco, Berdugo spent time abroad studying and working. He now spreads his time between Casablanca, Morocco and London, UK. Berdugo has investment interests that stretch across the globe.


Gilles Berdugo uses his instinct and business experience to carefully select the investments he makes. He prefers his investment portfolio to consist of young companies in the seed or A round of their funding activities. Berdugo is particularly interested in technology investments in companies that demonstrate innovative solutions as well as strong leadership. He has made two major investments into digital platforms with the potential to bring about positive change in the world:
  • Bridgit – A positive social network for children launched with the goal of addressing online bullying and creating a safe and inclusive culture in schools.
  • Felicitas – A revolutionary search engine driven by digital currency.

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