Gideon Tadmor – Chairman of Navitas Petroleum

Gideon Tadmor

Pioneer in the oil and gas industry, Gideon Tadmor is a co-founder and Chairman of Navitas Petroleum. With over two decades of experience in launching and managing international petroleum exploration and production projects, Tadmor is known as a pioneer and thought leader in the Eastern Mediterranean Oil and Gas industry. 

About Gideon Tadmor

Education and Early Career

Gideon Tadmor graduated from Tel Aviv University with an LL.B. degree in law. He is a member of the Israeli Bar Association. Prior to co-founding Navitas Petroleum, Tadmor held several other high-ranking roles in the industry. He served as Chairman and Co-founder of Avner- Drilling.

Gideon Tadmor’s Successes in the Oil and Gas Industry

In 1999, Israel’s first actively producing natural gas reservoir was discovered named ‘Yam Tethys’ with the aim of developing the reservoir. Gideon Tadmor acted as project lead and saw it through to successful completion. He then broke new ground in the oil and gas sector in Israel by forming several significant partnerships and facilitating a range of highly lucrative offshore campaigns. His efforts lead to the discovery  ‘Leviathan’ and the ‘Tamar’ natural gas fields, which has been actively producing natural gas since 2013. 

About Navitas Petroleum

Navitas Petroleum is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company focused on North America. The company is publicly traded and has operational bases in the United States in Houston and in Israel in Herzliya. Known as an industry leader, Navitas has raised equity and debt in an aggregate amount in excess of US$220 million. The company’s established asset portfolio includes a variety of projects that include highly lucrative exploration projects and development discoveries. 

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