Jérôme Mouthon – President of Teads and Serial Entrepreneur

Jérôme Mouthon

Jérôme Mouthon is a Morocco-based entrepreneur and investor who has been active for over two decades. Mouthon is mainly involved with technology startups in the field of digital marketing, internet marketing and digital lead generation but is also interested in markets like video games, clean technology, and consumer internet and subscription businesses. Mouthon is known for his excellent approach to customers and as a respectful but direct businessman. 

About Jérôme Mouthon


Originally from France, Jérôme Mouthon completed his education at Ecole de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industries de Paris where he achieved a bachelor’s degree in business and commerce in 1991. Mouthon launched a startup in France called Groupe Clarsys and after just over six years, he sold it and it was merged to Firststream. Mouthon relocated to Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa in 2002 and built the offshoring web and BPO company Sysnek Media Group. In 2008 Sysnek was successfully merged with Finatech Group. Also in Morocco, in 2017, Mouthon was sponsored by CFCIM and co-founded a start-up cluster that supports entrepreneurs. In 2019 he accepted an appointment to serve as Morocco’s French Tech representative. These days Mouthon is involved with two major business ventures, NOK Maroc in Morocco and Teads in the United Arab Emirates. He speaks both English and French fluently. 

Remarkable Investments

Jérôme Mouthon launched Buzzeff, a top advertising and marketing arena in the Middle East and Asia region which was successfully acquired by Teads. Teads is known as a leading large-scale video advertising company with a reach of over 1.2 billion unique users every month. Some of Mouthon’s other significant investments include:

  • Ampjar – A community-building initiative through which brands work together to help one another grow. A total of $2 million was raised over one round of funding in which Mouthon was involved.
  • Attractive World – An online dating site that offers events organised by and for its members. 
  • Captiv8 – A digital marketing platform that produces branded content created to make an impact through creative storytelling. Captiv8 was funded over a series of four investment rounds in 2016.
  • Marlow – A company that offers personalised and scaled professional development and coaching to professionals who are interested in achieving their career goals. 
  • Shoot My Travel – An international travel photographer marketplace that links travellers to local photographers who capture moments during their trip. 

Latest News

In July 2019, Telquel reported on French Tech, Morocco and its role in amplifying the Moroccan business ecosystem. Jérôme Mouthon was chosen to pilot the initiative and was quoted in the article speaking about his intentions to bring new and experienced entrepreneurs together to build bridges with other French Tech entities around the world. In February 2019, Saudi Gazette reported on the acquisition of Buzzeff by Teads with the aim of expanding its international presence to include the Middle East and North Africa region. Mouthon commented on the acquisition, saying that he is excited about it adding a new dimension to what Buzzeff can offer the market. 

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