Felix Haas - Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Business Advisor

Felix Haas

Felix Haas is a Munich-based entrepreneur, angel investor, and business advisor. As an entrepreneur, he is best known for having founded Amiando and IDnow, while his private early-stage angel investments include more than 80 startups in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. He is also co-organizer and host of Bits & Pretzels, Germany’s largest founders’ annual event.

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About Felix Haas

Career Path

Haas was born and raised in Munich, Germany. In 1997, while still in high school, he developed and launched TiberiumSun Entertainment, a global content platform that focuses on computer games and entertainment news. The company exited in 2000, the same year that Haas graduated high school. Haas then studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich. During his university years, he founded the Munich chapter of START, the biggest student entrepreneurship community in Europe, and joined BMW as an internship trainee, working on the team that created Google Maps “Send to Car” and co-authoring its patent.

In 2006, Haas founded Felix Haas Investments to invest in startups in Germany. Later that same year, he co-founded Amiando, an event management software program for online ticketing and event registration, and he served as CEO from the company’s inception until it exited to publicly listed company XING in 2010. After the acquisition of Amiando, Haas focused on startup activities, including reditech, Kaeuferportal, Hitfox, and Sponsorpay.

In 2013, Haas co-founded IDnow, the first online platform for convenient and non-manipulable identification of government IDs in Europe. He is currently the company’s executive chairman.

Since January 2015, Haas has been the chairman and host of Bits & Pretzels, Germany’s platform for entrepreneurship, spearheaded by the Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival networking event, which takes place during Munich’s Oktoberfest each September.

His board and advisory roles include funding strategy advisor and investor at X24Factory, and advisory board member at Wayra. He also served on the board of Venturate, an early-stage financing platform for startups.

Notable Investments

Through Felix Haas Investments, he has personally invested in over 80 internet startups including JustBook, Iwoca, Whow Games, Revolut, and Jodel. His successful exits include Vertical Media and Todaytickets.

In 2016, Haas was a Founding Partner of the 10X Group, which has since backed over 150 startups across Europe and in Silicon Valley, focusing on businesses with a digital disruptive element. In 2018, he was a founding partner of FLEX Capital, an EU 120 million private equity fund run by six successful entrepreneurs that invests in high-growth and profitable tech pioneers in Germany.

Felix Haas in the News

In 2013, Haas was appointed advisor to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and made a member of the German Government’s ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board.

Amiando was awarded Global Technology Pioneer status at the 2010 World Economic Forum, and Haas received recognition as Digital Leader of Europe at the 2017 World Economic Forum.

In 2020, the Technical University of Munich awarded Haas the honorary title Entrepreneur of Excellence and Sifted, the FT-supported site for Europe’s innovators and entrepreneurs, included him on their list of top fintech angel investors in Europe.

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