Eze Vidra

Eze Vidra

Eze Vidra is co-founder of seed stage venture firm Remagine Ventures, which invests in Israeli and British consumer tech, metaverse and the future of gaming.

In its first fund, the firm focused specifically on Israeli founders (and Israelis in the diaspora). Later in the second fund, the business expanded investment activities to London/Europe.

About Eze Vidra

Remagine Ventures LogoEze Vidra’s passion for startups and venture capital started in college, was nurtured during his years working in venture backed startups and dot.coms and in writing about the industry on VC Cafe for the past 18 years.

Previous to his current position, Vidra was General Partner at Google Ventures, Head of Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe, and founding head of Campus London, Google’s first physical hub for startups.

Before Google, he held leadership product roles at Ask.com in San Francisco, Shopping.com in Israel, AOL Europe (based in London) and Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) in New York. Two patents are authored under Vidra’s name, on web search and online advertising.

In 2005, Eze Vidra founded VC Cafe, which would become one of the top venture capital blogs globally. In 2012, he co-founded a non-profit focused on education projects in the developing world, Technikers. Since its inception, the organization has raised nearly $1 million for Room to Read, and built 50 libraries and 11 schools across Africa and Asia, including Nepal, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tanzania and South Africa..

Eze holds a BA with distinction from IDC University and graduated from the prestigious Zell Entrepreneurship Program. He also earned an MBA from London Business School with concentration on venture capital, where he received an award for his dissertation from the Coller Institute.

Born in Argentina, Vidra was raised in Israel and speaks Hebrew, Spanish and English fluently. He resides in London with his wife and two children.


Vidra co-founded a startup in college with his partner at Remagine Ventures, who were both early employees at a startup that became a unicorn (GLG). After completing his MBA he joined Google where he was the founding head of Campus London, Google’s first physical hub for startups.

Later, Vidra became the Head of Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe and helped scale the Campus model internationally. Shortly after he joined Google Ventures as General Partner in Europe and helped open the fund’s London office.


Eze Vidra is based in London, UK while his partner is based in Tel Aviv. He regularly travels to Israel.

Remarkable Investments

Remagine VenturesEze Vidra speaking on a panel at Calcalist Conference - Copy are typically first check investors. As a specialized fund focused on entertainment tech, gaming and next gen consumer, the firm has always cared about content creation, distribution and monetization. In 2019, the company began investing in generative AI.

Investments are split between consumer and the tech behind the consumer trends.

On the B2C side investments include:
Minute Media – world leaders in UGC content for sports
Sneaky Panda – innovative gaming studio creating the first ‘luck puzzler’ game
Toya – top 5 Roblox studio, creating experiences for girls, working with brands and IP holders

Some B2B/AI investments include:
HourOne – generative AI video creation SaaS platform for the enterprise
Munch – leaders in video content repurposing, from long form to short form vertical video
Echo3D – 3D content DAM (data asset management)

Learn more at the company’s portfolio page

Latest news

Eze Vidra has been blogging and musing on venture capital and Israeli startups since December 2004 on his blog, VC CafeThe blog shares a weekly newsletter on the Israeli startup ecosystem on LinkedIn

Remagine Ventures published Israel’s generative AI startup landscape in September 2023 and will launch a new version in April 2024, with over 100 new startups added.

 Israeli Gen AI landscape Sep 2023
Israel’s Generative AI landscape by Remagine Ventures

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