Eitan Neishlos

Eitan Neishlos

Eitan Neishlos is a fintech innovator, entrepreneur, corporate attorney, philanthropist, and the chairman of AHNA Group as well as Courage to Care NSW. He is also known for specializing in biopic film production and for his philanthropic efforts in giving a voice to those who cannot speak out on their own.

About Eitan Neishlos

Early life

Born in Haifa, Israel to parents who emigrated from the Soviet Union, Neishlos moved to Pretoria, South Africa at the age of one. He graduated from the University of Johannesburg with degrees in Law and International Relations, becoming a practicing attorney. In 2009, he became the business development corporate and legal manager for African Resonance, where he worked until he began his career as an entrepreneur in 2015.

Remarkable Investments

Neishlos has been a major shareholder for many private and public companies, often serving as director. Mainly in the world of finance and fintech, some of these companies include Optimus Cards—a leading UK-based debit card provider; Dashpay—the first third-party processor in South Africa; Capital Appreciation—an IT-service specialization enterprise that was the first Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange; and Caspit Payment Technologies—a leading EFTpos provider and value-added reseller of Ingenico products.

Neishlos is the founder and chairman of Neishlos Capital and also invests extensively in the fintech, security, sports, and media fields, particularly in companies with a social conscious. He works in an advisory role for Resonance Australia—a payment service provider; CashD—a B2B tech solutions company; and 18 Reflections—a production company.

In addition, he is the chairman of Courage to Care, which is an organization that informs and educates Australians about the dangers of prejudice, racism, and discrimination.

Eitan Neishlos in the News

Eitan Neishlos presented a Ted Talk at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in 2021, where he discussed the world of fintech and the new young Jewish philanthropy together with Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman and former US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a session about the financial and economic world.

In October 2021, Neishlos was featured in the Jerusalem Post about his philanthropic work.

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