Dr. Yaya Moussa – Founder & President of Africa Prime

Dr. Yaya Moussa – Founder & President of Africa Prime

Dr. Yaya Moussa is an entrepreneur and finance specialist with decades of international experience. Dr. Moussa has worked in finance for the major part of his career before focusing on his own business ventures. Dr. Moussa has several noteworthy investments. One of them is Africa Prime, a high-quality streaming video-on-demand service based in the United States and dedicated to celebrating Africa’s talent and successes. Another is Kontinent, a privately owned investment vehicle specializing in minority stakes in mature oil fields in Africa.

In addition to his business interests, Dr Moussa is committed to contributing to Africa’s sustainable economic development and plans to launch a number of new programs and inititatives deisgned to build capacity and support skills development, such as financial aid for African university students.

About Dr. Yaya Moussa


Born in Cameroon, Dr Moussa wrote his Ph.D. dissertation at Paris-Dauphine University about venture capital in France. He also holds several other graduate degrees, including a degree from the Paris Institute of Political Studies, a Master’s in Public Administration and Policy from Columbia University, an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a Master of Science from Oxford University. As part of his MBA, Dr. Moussa wrote a thesis on the management of oil contracts in Congo.

For the majority of his career, Dr. Moussa worked in the financial sector, where he held several senior roles, including as the IMF’s resident representative in the Republic of Congo between 2005 and 2009. In 2014, Dr. Moussa founded Africa Today TV, now known as Africa Prime.


Dr. Yaya Moussa currently lives in Washington, D.C. with his family. Both of Dr. Moussa’s current business interests, Kontinent and Africa Prime, are registered in the United States. His philanthropic efforts, which include the development of education programs to build capacity, managerial, and technical skills, are currently focused on central Africa.

 Remarkable Investments

In 2014, Dr. Yaya Moussa founded Africa Prime (formerly known as Africa Today TV), a video-on-demand (SVOD) streaming platform curating pan-African content. Africa Prime is dedicated to celebrating Africa’s talent and successes as well as providing a platform for African creators to thrive.

Africa Prime’s programs look at how African entrepreneurs and businesses are solving some of the continent’s and even the world’s most intractable problems. It also broadcasts documenatries as well as other shows covering African history and exploring its rich culture and lifestyle. Ultimately, Africa Prime says that it aims to evolve into a fully integrated media outlet producing and distributing original pan-African content for audiences around the world.

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