Daniel Curran – Silicon Valley Investor

Daniel Curran

Daniel Curran is a Silicon Valley Investor with over 176 startups in his portfolio. He is the founder and CEO of CustEX Determinant Platform as well as the director of a number of other organizations. His position and clout as an angel investor rank him at seven on Forbes and his position is bolstered by an impressive track record of successful exits and large investments.

About Daniel Curran


Curran’s background is unique. He is a former rocket scientist with an interest in the process of age reversal and cryonics. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island and attended Pennsylvania State University and the University of Illinois. Curran’s own CustEx Determinant Platform hinges on the value of AI technology in the modern world. By making data available to everyone, users are able to voice their opinion by pitting one vendor against another.

Remarkable Investments

Curran’s interests in these advanced, innovative fields have put him in a unique position and he struggles to find investors with a similar approach. Constantly thinking ahead, Curran believes Family Offices could leapfrog VCs because of their more liquid structure. This kind of competitive advantage could prove crucial given the nature of public and private investment bubbles.

The full list of Curran’s investments are extensive but some notable investments include:

  • Human Interest which raised $126.7 million.
  • FarmWise, which raised $20.2 million.
  • Even Financial, which raised $50 million.
  • Properly, which raised $10 million.
  • LUK, which raised $6.27 million.
  • Sheets & Giggles, which raised $1.3 million.

Curran boasts having invested in 23 companies that have made exit, with an estimated return of 600% in the last four years, or 150% per year. These exits include the likes of Zirtual, WedPics, VetPronto, Dollar Shave Club, and Ticketbis.

Daniel Curran holds four board and advisor roles including Business, Strategy, and Fundraising Advisor at Nickelytics, Strategy Advisor at Kalendar AI, and Business, Strategy, and Fundraising Advisor at Allset.

Latest News

In January 2021, Cruise Automation, a San Francisco-based General Motors subsidiary and another of Curran’s investment endeavors, was reported to have grown to a value of some $30 billion, gaining interest from the likes of Walmart and other institutional investors. Curran invested in the self-driving-vehicle company when it was valued at just $70 million.

Another of Daniel Curran’s investments, Bluedot, was reported in April 2021 to have raised $9 million in Series B funding from Autotech Ventures and six other investors. Bluedot develops location technology for mobile apps.

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