Artem Ermolaev

Artem Ermolaev

Artem Ermolaev (born 22 June 1976) is a Russian executive and investor. He is the founder of the Digital Disrupt investment club, known for investments in global tech companies, including SpaceX, Momentus, Pitchme, and some early-stage Russian ed-tech and mobility startups. He is a member of the board of directors of MR Group—one of the largest Russian real-estate developers.

About Artem Ermolaev


Ermolaev graduated from the State University of Management. He began his career at Step Logic, a large Russian IT integrator, where he was responsible for business development. He left the company for Cisco Systems to take part in the development of new generation networks for Russian Telco’s Transtelecom, Golden Telecom, and Comstar. He then returned to Step Logic. In 2011, Artem was asked to become the director of Moscow’s IT department, responsible for the overall digital transformation of governmental bodies and public services. Seven years later, Moscow achieved first place in the UN Ranking of cities by quality of the delivery of public services. In 2018, Artem hosted in Moscow the annual meeting of the Cities 2020 club with 20 leaders from all over the world who were responsible for their cities’ digital transformation, from Dublin to Singapore. In 2020, Artem Ermolaev together with Andrey Belozerov founded the Digital Disrupt investment club. The club’s portfolio of investors includes e-learning (the Tilli Online and Tetrika educational platforms), mobility (the Machina long-term car rental service, the Carusel electric scooter rental service), and gaming (the Overpro platform). The club’s global investments are focused on AI-based applied solutions and science through partnerships with well-known US-based venture funds. These include the NY-based Starta Ventures, 13 Ventures, and Mindrock Capital.


Born, raised, and educated in Russia, Artem Ermolaev also conducts his business ventures from there.

Remarkable Investments

In early 2020, Ermolaev sold his shares in Tetrika to Group. This constituted a Digital Disrupt member’s first successful exit. Later in 2020, San-Francisco based venture firm Mindrock Capital announced that Ermolaev along with other investors joined its new investment rounds, which included SpaceX and Momentus.

Latest news

In January 2021, Artem Ermolaev granted an extended interview to RusBase about investments in Russia and the creation of the Digital Disrupt investment club ( In November 2020, following the positive feedback on their Coursera-based educational program, Ermolaev and Belozerov launched an educational city management simulation game through the Coursera platform. In 2019, Ermolaev worked together with his former colleague, Moscow IT Department Deputy Director Andrey Belozerov, to launch an educational program at Coursera in partnership with HSE University. Also in 2019, at London Tech Week, Ermolaev and Belozerov announced the launch of NGO Smart Cites, which serves to advise the public and private sectors about the field of urban technology.

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