Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy Investor

Matt Murphy is a partner and managing director at Menlo Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with an emphasis on the SaaS, cloud services and financial technology sectors. Murphy joined Menlo Ventures in 2015, and since then has led investments into a number of major startups, including Carta, Airbase and Scout RFP which was later acquired by Workday.


About Matt Murphy

Early Years

Matt Murphy holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Tufts University, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University. Prior to joining Menlo Ventures, Murphy spent 15 years at Kleiner Perkins, formerly Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, where he rose to general partner. In this role, Murphy served as an observer at Google from initial investment all the way to IPO and invested in a number of major startups that Kleiner Perkins has since exited, including Shazam, Drawbridge and AppDynamics.

Remarkable Investments

Matt Murphy’s investments mainly involve the SaaS and cloud technologies sectors. Over seven years as managing director at Menlo Ventures, Murphy has been a partner to over 100 significant investments, and currently occupies an advisory role for more than 30 separate organizations. Prior to joining Menlo Ventures, Murphy helped employers Kleiner Perkins, and before that, Sun Microsystems, to make significant investments in groundbreaking startups like DocuSign and Egnyte.

Matt Murphy News

In June of 2022, Matt Murphy engaged Menlo Ventures in a $15M Series A funding round for Finch, a universal API allowing companies to access and control HR and payroll systems. Murphy will also join Finch’s board of directors and attempt to oversee the expansion of Finch’s team and the further implementation of the company’s growth initiatives going forward. In September of 2021, after Menlo Ventures participated in a $25M Series A funding round, Murphy joined the board of early-stage privacy compliance startup Relyance AI as an observer, while Relyance attempts to expand its management team and customer base.