Spain is one of the top European countries when it comes to foreign investment.
Read about investment opportunities and government investment aid.

Spain is Not Only about Sunshine and Sprawling Beaches

Because its economic operators are highly flexible and adaptable, Spain is not only a country that offers a high quality of life, but also one of the foremost European countries to invest in. Despite weak points like low productivity and a complex regulation system, Spain is non-discriminatory and allows foreign investors to launch any kind of business with the same conditions set to local investors. The Spanish government also provides investment aid and a variety of incentives like tax benefits, grants, professional training and access to loans to investors.

Investment Opportunities in Spain

Some of the key areas in which investments are thriving in Spain are the biotechnology sector, the chemical industry, leather and textile industry, telecommunications, automobile, banking, energy, naval construction and paper manufacturing. There are also a great many investment opportunities in the technological innovation field in Spain, particularly because the government is planning to place substantial focus on renewable energy in the near future. The biotechnology industry in Spain has developed four times faster than any of the other European countries. Investments in this sector are likely to reach over 25% a year, which would make Spain one of the top five global contributors to scientific production in the industry.

Foreign Investment Protection

Because bilateral agreements have been signed between Spain and close to 90 countries across the globe, there is a high level of safety when it comes to foreign investment in Spain. The agreements clearly depict the structure for foreign investment protection for all the countries and there are two organizations that offer assistance in case of disagreement: International Court of Arbitration, International Chamber of Commerce (ICCWBO) and International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). Spain is also a signed member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

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