XponentialWorks – Harvesting the Upside of Disruption

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XponentialWorks is a venture capital and private equity company located in California, the United States.

With a strong focus on early-stage technology firms that actuate and compute the internet of everything, XponentialWorks specialises in 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing.

Overview of XponentialWorks

In addition to investment and corporate advisory services, the company also develops technologically advanced products and has constructed a unique ecosystem that brings early-stage companies together with mature companies. The goal is for the mature companies to make use of the technological advancements younger companies offer and for the younger companies to avail of the experience and market savvy mature companies have in a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Brief History

XponentialWorks was founded in 2015 by the Israeli/American businessman Avi Reichental, known as a pioneer and thought leader in the 3D printing industry. Since its launch, XponentialWorks has curated a substantial portfolio of international industry disruptors who are committed to improving the world through innovation.


XponentialWorks is located in California, the United States and has investments in companies located throughout the United States, many with operational bases across the globe.

Significant Investments

XponentialWorks makes use of its unique ecosystem to bring together the financial backing required to make big jumps, the technologies and subject matter experts needed to lead and access to a vast network of players in the global market. Some of the most significant investments made by XponentialWorks include:

  • Apollo Robotics – A United States-based company that manufactures and supplies drones and drone parts and equipment including the Surveyor, a completely autonomous drone.
  • Centaur – A food technology company based in the United States with a research and development arm located in Greece. Centaur aims to perfect the quality of food and farm products through cognitive technologies, electronics and agronomy.
  • Nexa3D – A 3D printing company based in the United States. Nexa3D is becoming known as leaders in the industry and has been steadily breaking barriers that have been constraining growth rates in the industry for decades.
  • Unyq – A bespoke prosthetic and orthotic device manufacturing company based in the United States and Spain with operational bases across the globe.
  • Paramatters – A United States-based intuitive generative design and simulation platform run in the cloud.

XponentialWorks in the News

In July 2018, 3D Printing Industry reported on the expansion of Innovation Labs in Ventura, California by XponentialWorks. It was reported that the expansion will provide over 100 new jobs in the coming year. In November 2019, Business Wire reported on the launch of new products by XponentialWorks. According to the article, XponentialWorks is breaking barriers in the 3D printing industry in terms of cost, performance and speed. Also in November 2019, TCT magazine reported on developments in laser technology and announced that NXT Factory will be exhibiting at Formnext alongside ParaMatters and Nexa3D. All three companies are operating as startups under the XponentialWorks network.

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