Socialatom Ventures

Socialatom Ventures
Socialatom Ventures is a seed capital firm founded by entrepreneur and investor Andrés Barreto. The company invests in global tech startups located across the Americas and are pioneers in the recent entrepreneurial ecosystem development in Latin America.
Socialatom Ventures works with every aspect of investment, from talent pools to infrastructure support, to providing seed capital.

Investment Theory

The Socialatom investment theory involves investing in technology startups that are showing steady and above average growth in the US, and are open to having their technical teams in Latin America. Some of the most challenging issues faced by the top American tech companies are recruitment costs and low retention rates. By matching US startups with Latin American engineering talent pools, these issues are solved.

Investment and Advisory Services

By investing up to US$5 million in aggregate into a company, Socialatom provides capital backing as well as other services. A monthly vesting schedule for common stock is implemented whereby Socialatom has to earn monthly equity just like executive employees, while the most urgent challenges are tackled through the company’s expert advisory services. By combining the experience of US tech partners and a support team of industry experts, real assistance is given in business development, sales, public relations, marketing, recruiting, and fundraising, finance, engineering and product development.

Additional Perks

In addition to financial backing and advisory services, portfolio companies also enjoy access to public sector equity-free grant capital with the goal of covering the costs of building a technical team in Latin America. Additionally, complete access to more than US$100,000 in co-working spaces and cloud services is provided. Socialatom is run by partner and founder Andrés Barreto and partner Erik Stettler. Barreto is an award-winning entrepreneur with major investments in technology and Stettler is a known industry leader in finance, business strategy and data science.

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