china investment

10 of China’s Biggest Recent Investments

Find out more about the hottest investments in China. Discover what they do, how much the companies are worth and who are investing in them.

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Tech in Europe

Insights Into European Tech Investments

Europe’s investment ecosystem has developed exponentially. Could this be the year for Europe’s next US$100 billion tech firm?

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Investing in Asia

Top 3 Asian Countries to Invest in 2018

Find out which 3 Asian countries are the best to invest in during 2018. Read about their policies and economic growth and find out why these countries are top investment destinations.

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European Stocks on rise

European Stocks are Looking Good in 2018

Read about European stocks and see what is anticipated in 2018. Find out what the experts are saying about inflation in the Eurozone and discover the concerns about Spain and the UK.

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Amazon Invests in Europe

Amazon is Taking Europe by Storm with Investments

E-Commerce Giant Investing Heavily in Europe If Amazon is not already known as the global online shopping authority, they will be soon. The e-commerce giant is already responsible for as much as 34% of all online shopping in the United States and according to experts they will be the dominant force in the US digital ... Read moreAmazon is Taking Europe by Storm with Investments

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Polyus Gold

Russian Investor Said Kerimov Acquired Polyus Gold

Investsment in Russian Gold In 2015 Said Kerimov, the son of the Russian oligarch Suleyman Kerimov lead a US$5.4 billion bid to take on the top gold production company in Russia, Polyus Gold. Polyus was one of several emerging market miners that made shares available on the London stock exchange with the commodities boom. Kerimov, ... Read moreRussian Investor Said Kerimov Acquired Polyus Gold

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Digerati Technologies Intends to Acquire Synergy Telecom

In early November 2017 Digerati Tech announced its intention of acquiring the telecommunications company Synergy Telecom Inc. The transaction was structured as an asset purchase and is not the first acquisition made by Digerati and its subsidiaries. With a strong industry record of launching and managing a variety of operations, Digerati has received the Deloitte’s ... Read moreDigerati Technologies Intends to Acquire Synergy Telecom

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